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Damn! The IRS revoked your passport. Do you want it back?

The IRS revoked your passport. To reverse IRS certification, you must fully pay your balance or make a payment arrangement.

You will receive notice CP508C to advise you that your tax debt is considered seriously delinquent and the IRS has provided that information to the State Department. At this point, the State Department will not renew your passport or will refuse to issue a new passport. They can remove or place limitations on your current passport. Prior to certification, a debt can be paid down. After certification, you cannot partially pay.

Before denying a passport, the State department will hold application for 90 days to allow you to either resolve any errors, fully pay the debt or enter into a payment arrangement.

Now, if you receive Letter 6152, the IRS is asking the State Department to revoke your passport. This is generally reserved as encouragement for Taxpayers who conduct offshore activities or interests or if they believe a revocation will facilitate payment of the tax. Revocation is also used where the IRS reversed certification based on the Taxpayers promise to pay, but they failed to pay. Generally, the IRS will not recommend revoking your passport if you are making a good faith attempt to resolve your tax debt.

Notice CP508R Reversal of Certification will be sent when the IRS reverses the certification because the tax debt is fully paid or becomes unenforceable, the debt is no longer over $52,000 or the certification was erroneous.

And just like that viola!! You have your passport and are ready to enjoy that much needed international vacation. Where shall you go?

In order to avoid passport revocation in the future, pay your tax on time. Never allow your liability to increase over $50,000 and hire a CPA for tax planning. It will be worth every dollar!


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