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No seed. No harvest. Period.

No seed. No harvest. Period.

You have to make a move. Level up! 

3 seeds that produce a bountiful business harvest:

  1. A budget is a seed.

If you don’t take the time to plan and understand the income and expenses of your business, you are dead in the water. Yeah, you can survive by the seat of your pants, but why would you do that? You have to put the work, time and effort into understanding your financial limitations. Get that harvest!!

  1. A marketing plan is a seed

I see businesses spend a ton of money on social media ads, flyers, you name it. However, they have not taken the time to identify their target market, ensure they are communicating directly to that market and presenting cohesive branding and messaging. They employ all tactics, no strategy. No harvest!

  1. Patience is a seed.

Microwave mentality does not work in business. You have to put the time in, maybe encounter some bumpy roads and continually improve your processes. Your harvest will take some time. Be patient, but ready. Your harvest will be plentiful.



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