Coronavirus (COVID-19): Our Response To Covid-19 And Our Alternatives To Live Events

Soooooo..... who will operate your business if you can't?

Who will operate your business when you can’t?

 So what happens if you can no longer operate your business? You have worked so hard to build your business. Have you been training anyone to operate your business if you cannot? Your children? An employee? Your spouse?

 An exit strategy is one thing. But what about the unexpected? What if you suddenly cannot operate your business? Who will step in? Do they know their prospective role? Have they been trained? Do they understand the business?

Don’t let your business die because you thought you would live forever. (Spoiler alert….you won’t live forever.) Your business can thrive beyond your lifetime if you start planning right now. You’re not getting any younger. But like fine wine your business can get better with time. Start now.

Make the passing of the baton a smooth transition.


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