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Why am I getting all of these IRS notices and what do they mean?

IRS notices are like the worst thing you can receive in the mail. People go through their mail and sit the IRS letters to the side as if to say, I will get to those later. I don’t want to read them now. What if it says they are coming to get me? What if it says I am going to jail? What if it says that I owe them $1,000,000 plus interest. What if they are going to take my house. The stories that we tell ourselves when the IRS sends letters. Now, granted, most of the time the letters are not love letters, but sometimes they are not hate mail either.

The IRS send millions of letters each year just to say “Hey girl…. You know you still owe me that money. You should really start to pay me. Call me so that we can figure it out.” Others are more aggressive, but that is usually how the series begins.

Think about the steps you would take if someone owed you money and acted like they didn’t see you were trying to call them or did not respond to your texts. You would have to kick it up a notch. The IRS is the same way. Here is the sequence of letters that you usually receive from the IRS, usually one every 5 weeks:

  1. CP14- This is a gentle reminder that you have a balance due.
  2. CP501- Reminder that you have a balance due along with a 10 day demand and warning that they may file a lien.
  3. CP503- Important Notice, you did not respond to our previous notices. Telephone numbers and other resources are offered if you require assistance paying your balance. They are requesting a call back.
  4. CP 504- Urgent Notice, certain assets may be levied. They may begin an asset search and may file a lien.
  5. Letter 1058 or LT11- Final Notice of Intent to Levy- We are not playing with you any more. We tried to be nice and gentle, but Nooooooo….. You have 30 days before we take the money out of your bank account unless you request a hearing.

With this long series of correspondences, you have ample time to respond, hire a Certified Tax Resolution Specialist, move to another country....jk...... Doing nothing is the worst thing you can do, so do something!


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