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Will Your Passport Be Revoked?

Kiss that 14 day cruise, Mexican vacay and international jaunt goodbye! It doesn’t matter that your vacation package is not refundable!

The FAST Act allows the IRS to share or certify your tax debt with the State Department, who in turn will revoke or refuse to renew your passport. This law is not limited to criminal tax matters, nor matters where the IRS may believe there is a flight risk. Any seriously delinquent tax debt over $52,000 is where the rubber meets the road.  Here's the thing: a debt is not considered seriously delinquent if you have an accepted installment agreement or an accepted offer in compromise. Fun fact, the $52,000 includes penalties and interest.

There are 3 requirements for a tax debt to be considered “seriously delinquent”:

  1. Tax has been assessed. (there are ways to prevent assessment)
  2. The liability is greater than $52,000
  3. A lien was filed with no exercise of CDP rights or a levy was issued.

Your passport is not at risk if:

  1. You are in Bankruptcy
  2. You are a victim of identity theft
  3. You are in currently not collectible status
  4. You are located in a federally declared disaster area
  5. You have a pending installment agreement
  6. You have a pending offer in compromise
  7. IRS has accepted an adjustment that will fully satisfy the debt.

5 ways to avoid Passport certification:

  1. Read your IRS notices
  2. Request a Collection Due Process Hearing
  3. If you owe more than $50,000, contact a Certified Tax Resolution Specialist.
  4. Request an installment agreement
  5. Request an offer in compromise

If you owe the IRS over $52,000, run do not walk to request your installment agreement or offer in compromise. The key is to address this issue prior to certification. It is much easier to stop the revocation process than it is to get your passport reinstated. 


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