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I Will Show You How To Choose Strategy Over Struggle, Planning Over Hustle. 

You have been in grind mode long enough!     

You Have Been in Grind Mode Long Enough!

It's time to choose strategy over struggle and planning over hustle.      

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Legacy Made Simple

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Legacy Made Simple is a book, a workbook, and a program, written to make you take action! It exposes how critical your legacy is to the future of your family and how simple it can be to craft a legacy plan that impacts future generations.

What does your legacy look like?


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Hi, my name is Gena Jones.

As an Attorney, CPA, and business leader with a master's degree in Management from Harvard University, I have seen many wildly successful businesses.

The difference between thriving companies and those that fail, is frequently influenced by who they are listening to regarding strategic decisions. It is important to know where you are going and how you are going to get there.

Lack of planning is one of the most common traits of struggling and failing businesses. I help businesses understand the operational and financial landscape of their business. This allows us to properly plan and execute to help you increase revenue and keep more of every dollar you earn.

You know where you have been.

You know your dreams for the future.

Let's craft a plan to get you there.....on a private jet, of course!  

We Are In This Together!


We understand the entrepreneurial journey and the people who are crazy enough to love it.

We are entrepreneurs.

We have helped hundreds of entrepreneurs increase their profitability, have a 20-40 hour work week, and pay themselves commensurate with the value they provide to their businesses.

This is not a dream, this is your reality when you are a Business Boss!

Our coaching program gives you the freedom to follow your passion AND stay on track with all of the moving parts of your business that you may not be so passionate about.

Coaching from the perspective of a licensed legal and financial professional helps you effectively navigate your business journey.

"As a business owner, I thought that the most important thing was to make payroll. My business coach showed me that by planning, I can ensure that multiple payrolls are met, without stressing about money being in the bank on pay day. Now, I can focus on my business and its future. "