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Hi, I'm Gena Jones

I help women build their dream business to fuel their dream lifestyle and create a legacy of impact

business coaching women

WHY Do I Do This?

It's story time!

My father was a musician and part of a singing group that got into tax trouble and was charged with tax evasion. The emotional distress the IRS imposed on my family made an impression on me. As a little girl, I vowed to do all that I could to prevent this emotional oppression from happening to other families.

I went to college and then law school to learn the business, financial, and legal aspects of tax matters. I wanted to advocate for people and remove them from the devastating grip of the IRS. 

My career began saving celebrities from the IRS, then I decided that I wanted to be more impactful so I began to relieve entrepreneur's IRS stress. I have provided IRS relief to hundreds of businesses and individuals. But I began to think that I was entering their story too late and that I could do more. Patterns began to emerge and I saw that tax problems were merely a symptom of a bigger problem, lack of knowledge and planning. And that changed everything.

I decided to step into Entrepreneur's business stories earlier to help them gain total control of their business and finances, So there is no need to fear the IRS. I help CEOs make and keep more money by teaching them the tools and tactics to build a business dependent on systems, not on them, avoid IRS stress, and use their business levers to increase revenue, so they can design their life and leave a legacy of impact.

Blessed to be a blessing

Blessings are meant to be shared. I believe in lifting as I climb, making life easier, and finding joy each day. I enjoy working with driven women who are ready for more, value hard work, want to grow, prioritize family, enjoy laughter, and don't take themselves too seriously.

Coaching allows me to help women discover their power and witness the transformative impact on their families, communities, and the world. Seeing women reach their highest potential, create dream businesses, and live their best lives is truly amazing.

My vision is for every woman entrepreneur to build generational wealth and leave a lasting legacy.

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You should know...

women business coaching
  1. I am from a family of talented artists, but I can't sing, write a song or hum in the right key. I can dance....a little.
  2. I am an introvert, yet somehow, I love coaching and speaking.
  3. I regularly travel for good food and our family goes on multi-state food tours. My favorite food is BBQ.
  4. My favorite artist is Prince and purple is my favorite color, obviously!
  5. I have six children, I was a teen parent and I have been married to my awesome husband for twenty-five years.

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