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Business Training & Coaching

Business boss helps business owners keep more of every dollar they make with coaching, educating and training. As a business owner, your intense focus on your passion leaves little time for nurturing other vital aspects of your business. That is our zone of genius!

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Tax Problem? Solved!


We specialize in tax controversy resolution. If you owe the IRS or State agencies, we have a solution for relieving your stress. Sleepless nights stop right now.


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Tax & Accounting Services

With over 20 years of experience serving the entertainment industry and  entrepreneurs, Jones Tax Group provides tax and accounting services to businesses, entrepreneurs and other professionals.


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S. Williams

Gena is so thorough. I appreciate her willingness to teach me and coach me through the growth in my business.

Dana T.

I never thought about estate planning because I did not think I had an estate. Gena helped me understand that my assets need to be protected and  that if I don't say who I want to inherit my assets, someone else will! She also made me see how important powers of attorney are in times of illness or incapacity. My time with her has been life changing.

Darrell S.

Gena Helped Me Save over $500,000 in IRS debt. She was a life saver.

About Me

I am Gena Jones! I am an Attorney, a CPA, a Certified Tax Resolution Specialist and a Business Coach. I enjoy representing my clients before the IRS, helping entrepreneurs write their business success stories and ensuring that they have thoughtful appropriate and accurate business advice.


My goal is to educate, advise, be an accountability partner, sometimes a shoulder to cry on, but more important, to offer real solutions to real people.


I am an entrepreneur, a classically trained chef, a wife, a mother, a foodie and wanderlust. I am so excited to help you achieve the level of success you desire and experience the lifestyle you have always dreamed of.


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