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Falling Short Of Your Potential.

business potential Aug 02, 2021

Your business has the potential to change the world. You have the potential to change your life.

Is your business reaching its full potential? 

3 reasons businesses don’t reach their full potential:

  1. You are a part time entrepreneur.

Your business needs your full time attention. If you are only able to spend half of your time in your business, you may only see half of the potential of your business.

  1. No plan

 You have started on the entrepreneurial journey with no road map. No business plan, no sales, marketing or operational planning.

  1. You don’t appreciate the true impact of your business

Your business creates jobs in your community, an investment for you, generational opportunities, generational wealth, allows your lifestyle, builds your legacy and more. You may not think about all of this when you think about your product or service. The long term impact of your business can be phenomenal. But you have to start planning for that phenomenal impact...

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Reach Your Full Potential Today!

business potential Aug 02, 2021

What steps will you take today to reach your business’ potential?

3 steps you can take today to reach the full potential of your business

  1. Stop operating in fear

 fear of criticism, fear of failure, fear of not making payroll. Use people who criticize you as motivation. Failure is not fatal and payroll should not catch you off guard. If you didn't know you had payroll this week, we need to have a different conversation.

  1. Stop doing and start planning

If you don’t have a plan, failure and not making payroll are more likely.

  1. Get your financial house in order

Make sure that you have clean financial statements. Not something your cousin put together for you because she was always good in math. Understand your financial position at all times. You will miss game changing opportunities if you don't.

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No seed. No harvest. Period.

business potential Aug 02, 2021

No seed. No harvest. Period.

You have to make a move. Level up! 

3 seeds that produce a bountiful business harvest:

  1. A budget is a seed.

If you don’t take the time to plan and understand the income and expenses of your business, you are dead in the water. Yeah, you can survive by the seat of your pants, but why would you do that? You have to put the work, time and effort into understanding your financial limitations. Get that harvest!!

  1. A marketing plan is a seed

I see businesses spend a ton of money on social media ads, flyers, you name it. However, they have not taken the time to identify their target market, ensure they are communicating directly to that market and presenting cohesive branding and messaging. They employ all tactics, no strategy. No harvest!

  1. Patience is a seed.

Microwave mentality does not work in business. You have to put the time in, maybe encounter some bumpy roads and continually improve your processes. Your harvest will take some...

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