Financially Fierce In 180 Days

Learn exactly how to master the tax and financial levers of your business, make and keep more money, and transform your business into a generational money machine.

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  • Enrollment Bonus: 1:1 Expert marketing or automation strategy session.
  • Pay in full and save $3,000 on your investment.

Finally, you can get your business financial life &  legacy in order 

Even if just the thought of it feels overwhelming. 


Imagine how you will feel without financial fear or anxiety.

Picture yourself on your dream vacation with family and friends. Your mind is clear. Your business strategy is moving forward as planned. You reviewed your financials this month and made the necessary adjustments. You no longer trade time for dollars and you have enough cash in the bank to pay your personal and business expenses for the next 12 months. Your legacy plan is in place. You are driven so yes, this is a working vacation. But you will be making million dollar moves, testing the limits of your dreams. Not trying to figure out how to make payroll this week.

You want your business tax and finances to be legit. You just don't know what to do or how to do it. 

You're hustling like crazy, teetering on burnout. There is no way you can service your customers, do all of the marketing AND find time to figure out the finances. You are only one person.

You're suffering from "shiny object syndrome", jumping from one idea to the next, to the next, never fully understanding or committing to any of them. Spending a lot of time with nothing to show for it.

You get off to a good start, cutting costs and budgeting, but with no strategy, it just seems like a waste of time, so you feel stuck.

You wish someone would just take you by the hand and guide you step by step. 


You've read blogs and books on making more money, what financial statements mean and business finance. But you feel more confused than ever, trying to piece together how to increase profits and make your business finances make sense, with no help.

If any of these statements make you feel like I am in your head, then keep reading- you are in the right place my friend.

Financially Fierce in 180 days

 A six month, online course where you will learn exactly how to master the tax and financial levers of your business, make and keep more money, and transform your business into a generational money machine. 


"We don't rise the level of our expectations, we fall to the level of our training."


  • You are stressed every time you think about your business tax or financials.
  • You miss opportunities because you cannot produce financials that tell your story.
  • You are burnt out and still not seeing the business growth you desire.
  • You don't have time to be the CEO and you are not making data based decisions.
  • You have no plan for what happens to your business when you are no longer here or if you have to stop working.


  • You are excited about your financials, as you see your business strategy make more money.
  • You have no tax stress and are clear about your tax position. 
  • Your business strategy has allowed you to recover so much time in each day.
  • You have the tools and training to make your dream lifestyle a reality.
  • You feel energized because you know that when you are no longer here or unable to work, your legacy plan outlines clear next steps.



Make a move now. What are you waiting for? If you wait 3 months, 6 months, 12 months, that time represents money lost, your vision not realized, your peace of mind still illusive. 

Here is the thing, tomorrow is not promised to anyone. Yet, you have gambled everyday that tomorrow, you will have a chance to get your business tax and financial life in order.  You have put off facing the fact that your business can lead your family to breakthrough or bankrupcty, depending on the decisions you make today. You have put off creating a clear legacy funding plan and strategy.  

Yes, this journey starts with you, but its not about you. Its about the lifestyle you want to experience with your family now and ultimately how your legacy will impact future generations. 

You want to be financially fierce, but you have a lot of questions!


Course Modules

Module 1: Let's map it out. Where are you now and where do you want to be?

We will take a deep dive into where you are today and where you want to be. In determining the best way to get you to where you want to be, we will identify the obstacles and opportunities that must be anticipated and addressed in your business strategy.


Module 2: Let's cut the fat. Eliminate 10% of your expenses by cutting emotional spending.

One of the first things we need to do is to take a hard look at your spending and identify expenses that don't contribute to the bottom line. These expenses are usually incurred due to emotional spending instead of their contribution to your profitability.

Module 3: Clarifying Mission/Vision/Values. 

Have you ever tried putting a square peg in a round hole? It just doesn't work. In this module we will take a look at, or create your company's mission, vision and values. This is key because these must align with each other as well as with your product or service and your  target market. 

Module 4: How do you measure success?

Success is very subjective. Before we can measure success, we need to define what success means to you. Once it is defined, we can better understand how to measure it and create a path to reach it. In this modules, we determine your Key Performance Indicators and measure performance every 30 days. This allows us to understand shortcomings and make adjustments in order to improve the results of the next 30 days.

Module 5: What makes your business tick? Its more than the sum of its parts.

Every business may have the same general levers, but which levers move the needle in your business may be different than those that move the needle of your competitor. In this module we take the time to get a closer look at what actually drives your sales. We take a deep dive into your marketing, sales and operations. We look at things like how you are using automation, your client avatar, the ROI of your marketing efforts, your sales process, sales tools, sales funnels, contracts, hiring, employment concerns, and client experience. We unpack each of these and determine how we can move them to reach your goals.

Module 6: 'm on a budget! I think. Please help get my budget on track!

"A budget is telling your money where to go instead of wondering where it went."

Budgeting is a huge missed opportunity for business owners. We are going to take some time to build your business budget as well as your personal budget. You will learn how and why these two are very closely related, and really dependent upon one another and can be a huge motivator. Its something about seeing these numbers written down that really makes a big difference in the way you make decisions.

Module 7: How much money do I want to make next year and the year after?

Here, we will look at your current financial goals and build them out into financial projections. These projections are deeply rooted in what we learn in module 5, which are the financial levers that will turn your projections into actuals.

Module 8: Rockstar financials. I love these things! (Now that I know what they mean).

In this module you will learn why your financial statements are your best friend, how to read them, what story they are telling you and how to make decisions and adjustments based on that story. You will learn my method for spending 10 minute each month to read your financials and glean everything you need to know to make data based decisions to move you closer to your goal.


Module 9: Putting it all together into my business strategy. 

In this module you will put everything from modules 1-8 together to create your business strategy. At this point, you will have all of the pieces to the puzzle: A marketing strategy, a sales strategy, a hiring strategy, a risk management strategy, a client experience strategy,  financial financial strategy and a budget. Once we create your business strategy, we will use the 12 week year to create your execution strategy. This will break down the implementation into manageable pieces to prevent overwhelm. 

Module 10: Let's measure results!

We will take a look at your results from the first 30 days of implementing your business strategy. We will use the KPI's you identified in module 4 in order to measure and make any necessary adjustments to improve the next 30 day results. 

I love paying less tax. Thank you Uncle! Let's measure results!


Module 11: Legacy planning. 

We will use the financial projections you created in module 7 to begin legacy planning. This process will begin with framing your legacy vision and being specific about the impact you want to have on future generations. Additionally, we will measure the results from your second 30 days of business strategy implementation. We will use the KPI's you identified in module 4 in order to measure and make any necessary adjustments to improve the next 30 day results. 



Module 12: Legacy Crafting

In this final module, we will look at the tools available for your legacy plan based on your legacy vision and desired impact from module 11. We will design your legacy plan to achieve your stated goal. Additionally, we will measure the results from your third 30 days of business strategy implementation. We will use the KPI's you identified in module 4 in order to measure and make any necessary adjustments to improve the next 30 day results. 


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Marketing Coaching

Marketing is very important to your business. You will workshop with a marketing expert to determine the best marketing planning, platforms and tactics for your business to convert leads into sales.

Tax Strategy Session

An effective tax strategy is key to keeping more of every dollar you earn. In this strategy session, we will determine how to  create the lowest tax bill legally possible by using the most current changes and updates to the tax code.

Sales & Automation Coaching

You will work with an automation expert to automate aspects of your sales process and other customer journey points that will free up your time and create systems in your business.



Every week you can ask me all the questions you have. Our call is as long as necessary.


You can submit anything you want feedback on weekly. You will receive  individual feedback. 


You will be supported by your peer community of business owners in a private and safe space.


Become Financially Fierce at your own pace from anywhere in the world, on any device, on your schedule. We are here when you need us and if you miss a live call, you can view the recording. 


We recommend you set aside 2-4 hours per week to learn, execute and implement the program. But it all depends on you. There is no rush and no right or wrong amount of time to spend. 

Take control of your business finances and transform your business into a generational money machine now. No matter what tomorrow holds, your impact on future generations will be clear.

That, is priceless.


You have 2 choices:

You can stay where you are and keep trying to piece together a business strategy that will increase profits in your business, lower your tax bill, show you how to stop trading time for dollars, teach you how to create a business that supports your dream lifestyle and convert your business into a tax free generational wealth machine. I promise you will spend $20,000 and will have lost at least $100,000 in the process.


I can be your guide as you become Financially Fierce in 180 days using my 3 tier framework to turn your business into a generational money machine. Think about what would happen to your business, your family if something happened to you today. Think about where you want to be just 6 months from now. Think about how being in control of your business tax and financial life will make you feel. Think about how you will feel with a clear business strategy and a guide to help you execute. Will you feel relief knowing that your family's future is golden because of the business plans and decisions you made today?



You can't afford not to. The investment pales in comparison to the refund of time and other non-monetary, priceless value you will receive like peace of mind and less stress. The tax saving strategies alone pay for your investment. The bonuses alone pay for your investment. When was the last time you made an investment and your return was 10X in one year? Never, EXACTLY!.....until now!


Fiancially Fierce means that you own the tax and financial position of your business. Not only do you understand it, you control it and make decisions based on it. It means that you are clear on the relationship between your dream lifestyle and the net income of your business. It means you use your business tax and and financial life as tools to plan for impacting future generations.


You have to get your tax and financial life in order. You have to create a legacy plan and make decisions, period. If you don't someone else will surely make those decisions for you. They will likely not be what you wanted. You can plan to make the time now, with step by step guidance and support. Or you can do it later under more urgent, unplanned circumstances alone or with people you don't know, like or trust.


Hi! I'm Gena, your guide on this journey.

I'm obsessed with client sucess, not paying more tax that legally required, and converting businesses into legacies. I have spent over 20 years solving tax problems for famous people and helping them build their legacies. Now it is your turn. I created this course because I want  business owners to spend less money on interest , taxes, pentalties and solving tax problems and more money investing in their business and in future generations. With the right guidance and support, your business can become a generational money machine!

Enroll Now!


Financial Confidence: Priceless

A Clear Path To Your Dream Life: Priceless

Family Financial Security: Priceless

Financially Fierce In 180 Days:  

   Only 6 Payments of $3,000


Pay Plan

$3,000/month for 6 months

Or $3,000 discount if you full pay $15,000

  • 6 month guided transformational journey
  • Weekly live group calls
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  • 12 modules of content
  • Financially Fierce Community
  • Minimum of 5 new clients/customers