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Realize Your Vision.... What Are You Waiting For?

business vision Aug 02, 2021

You can realize the vision you saw. You are the only one that can stop you.

Don’t let fear stop you from realizing your vision. Your business can be more. 

3 reasons entrepreneurs don’t realize their vision:

  1. You have not written your vision and mission statement

I know its all in your head. But that is the problem. God said write the vision and make it plain. You are not exempt! When you write down your vision and mission it becomes documented and able to be shared. Who reads minds? For real!

  1. You have not set clear goals

Saying you want to make a million dollars means nothing. Setting specific, measurable, achievable, relevant, time-based goals will get you to where you see your business going.

  1. Your vision, mission and goals are not in alignment

You are saying one thing and doing something different. Your mission says one thing but your operations have nothing to do with your mission. It becomes more difficult to accomplish your mission and reach your...

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Falling Short Of Your Potential.

business potential Aug 02, 2021

Your business has the potential to change the world. You have the potential to change your life.

Is your business reaching its full potential? 

3 reasons businesses don’t reach their full potential:

  1. You are a part time entrepreneur.

Your business needs your full time attention. If you are only able to spend half of your time in your business, you may only see half of the potential of your business.

  1. No plan

 You have started on the entrepreneurial journey with no road map. No business plan, no sales, marketing or operational planning.

  1. You don’t appreciate the true impact of your business

Your business creates jobs in your community, an investment for you, generational opportunities, generational wealth, allows your lifestyle, builds your legacy and more. You may not think about all of this when you think about your product or service. The long term impact of your business can be phenomenal. But you have to start planning for that phenomenal impact...

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Reach Your Full Potential Today!

business potential Aug 02, 2021

What steps will you take today to reach your business’ potential?

3 steps you can take today to reach the full potential of your business

  1. Stop operating in fear

 fear of criticism, fear of failure, fear of not making payroll. Use people who criticize you as motivation. Failure is not fatal and payroll should not catch you off guard. If you didn't know you had payroll this week, we need to have a different conversation.

  1. Stop doing and start planning

If you don’t have a plan, failure and not making payroll are more likely.

  1. Get your financial house in order

Make sure that you have clean financial statements. Not something your cousin put together for you because she was always good in math. Understand your financial position at all times. You will miss game changing opportunities if you don't.

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Don't Talk About It. Be About It.

business planning Aug 02, 2021

Well done is better than well said.

Stop talking about the changes you should make in your business and make it happen. 

3 changes you can make right now to improve your business.

  1. Stop trying to do everything!

You cannot do everything and you should not try! Delegate. Identify tasks that you can delegate to an employee or contractor.

  1. Have a planning weekend!

Spend a weekend outside of your business. While away, take a fresh look at your financials, determine if your marketing is working, measure how profitable you are. The things you can learn while outside of your business are priceless.

  1. Create an execution plan

Make a list of 5 things you want or need to do in your business and write specifically how you will get these things done by what date and who needs to be involved.


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Your Past Mistakes Are Currency For Future Success

business Aug 02, 2021

Everything in your past is preparation for something in your future.

Your past business failure is the best currency to use to fund your new business. 

3 mistakes in your past that you will not make again:

  1. You had no budget, but knew what you had in the bank

In business, a budget is everything. It tells you what and when you can or cannot spend in order to stay on track.

  1. You thought likes on social media was enough marketing

You now know that you have to have a thoughtful and comprehensive marketing plan. Likes don't translate into dollars.

3. You thought you would save money by not hiring any staff.

You can't do everything and you shouldn't try. Know your role. You are the CEO.

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Bankruptcy or Breakthrough?

business planning Aug 02, 2021

Are you one step away from bankruptcy or breakthrough?

3 ways to ensure that your business is moving toward breakthrough and not bankruptcy:

Get your business in order.

    1. Prepare financial statements

Your accountant should prepare a profit and loss statement and balance sheet for you at least quarterly.

  1. Read your financial statements regularly

When you receive your financial statements, take some time to review them. Review more detail if something doesn’t look right. Financial statements are good for measuring profitability, but also a good way to uncover theft.

  1. Understand your financial statements

What are you looking at? Do you know? Understanding what you should be looking for, making sure that you have enough money in the bank, confirming that you are making enough money and not losing money are all key to avoiding bankruptcy.

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Who Is Stealing From Your Business?

business theft Aug 02, 2021

Who is stealing from your business?

3 ways to detect theft:

  1. Review your bank statements thoroughly. Call the bank about any erroneous items or transactions you don’t recognize.

      2. Make vacation time required by all positions that deal with             money.

      3. Research all vendors and employees to ensure that no one is adding fictitious payees.

Take additional steps to secure your business assets.

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What is your exit strategy?

business exit Aug 02, 2021

What is your exit strategy?

You can’t operate your business forever. Take a moment to get comfortable with that. Now, you have to make a decision. What is your exit strategy? Here are your options:

  1. Die at your desk

This option is not recommended.

     2. Sell your business

This can be a great option. However, if this is your strategy, you will need to plan several years ahead of the anticipated sell date.

     3. Close your business

Why would you work hard and put your blood, sweat and tears into your business only to close it?

     4. Go out of business

This option is not recommended. Going out of business is a terrible plan, which is why when it happens, it is because no plans were made.

     5. Make your business a generational money machine for future      generations

We love this option. However, in order to create this generational money machine, we have to first transform you into a Financially...

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Soooooo..... who will operate your business if you can't?

business exit Aug 02, 2021

Who will operate your business when you can’t?

 So what happens if you can no longer operate your business? You have worked so hard to build your business. Have you been training anyone to operate your business if you cannot? Your children? An employee? Your spouse?

 An exit strategy is one thing. But what about the unexpected? What if you suddenly cannot operate your business? Who will step in? Do they know their prospective role? Have they been trained? Do they understand the business?

Don’t let your business die because you thought you would live forever. (Spoiler alert….you won’t live forever.) Your business can thrive beyond your lifetime if you start planning right now. You’re not getting any younger. But like fine wine your business can get better with time. Start now.

Make the passing of the baton a smooth transition.

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Don't Let Crypto Get You Caught Up!

business tax Aug 02, 2021

Cryptocurrencies are mainstream.

You can use bitcoin to buy far more than you would think. To see, try googling “What can I buy with bitcoin?” You will get more than 350,000 hits.

 But using cryptocurrencies has federal income tax implications that may surprise you.  With the price of bitcoin having gone through the roof (before its recent decline), and with increasing acceptance of bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies as forms of payment, the tax implications of using cryptocurrencies are a hot-button issue for the IRS.

 The 2020 version of IRS Form 1040 asks whether you received, sold, sent, exchanged, or otherwise acquired—at any time during the year—any financial interest in any virtual currency. If you did, you are supposed to check the “Yes” box.

 The fact that this question appears on page 1 of Form 1040, right below the lines for supplying taxpayer information such as your name and address, indicates that the...

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