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Get Up to $26,000 Per Employee with the Employee Retention Credit

The Employee Retention Credit (ERC) is a vital tax incentive program introduced to support businesses who retained and continued paying their employees during COVID-19. The credits can be a significant financial relief for eligible businesses and Jones Tax Group, Inc. is here to help you secure these credits. Our firm is experienced in navigating the ERC program and can help determine eligibility, calculate the credit amount, compile documentation, and ensure compliance with all requirements.

Our experts will help you determine if you are eligible for the ERC program. We can assess your business to see if you meet the criteria for the credit and guide you through the process. This includes providing you with a comprehensive understanding of the requirements, deadlines, and any other related information.

We can also help you calculate the credit amount to ensure that you get the full amount that you are eligible for. Our team will use the information you provide, combined with our expertise, to accurately calculate the amount of credits you are eligible to receive.

We understand that compiling documentation can be a daunting task. Our firm takes the hassle out of it, by doing all the paperwork for you. Our experts will compile all relevant documents to ensure that your application is complete and compliant with all requirements.


The Attorneys, CPA’s, Certified Tax Resolution Specialists, and Certified Fraud Examiners at Jones Tax Group are ready to resolve any tax problem you may have. We use individualized tax resolution strategies to ensure the best outcome for our clients. We will help you break free from IRS or state agency stress.  If you need an advocate in your corner, we are more than ready to provide quick, professional and effective solutions. With over 20 years of experience, consider your tax problem, SOLVED!

Settle With The IRS For What You Can Afford, Not For What You Owe.

Many taxpayers are in a position where they can never fully pay off the IRS. With the penalties and interest the IRS continues to add every single day, it may become mathematically impossible to get out from under their hold. The worry never seems to end and neither does the impact on your credit rating. Tax liens may prevent you from ever being eligible for financing to buy a car or a home.

Through an IRS program called Offer In Compromise, you can pay the IRS a much smaller amount to totally wipe out your debt, including all penalties and interest. Once the IRS accepts your offer and you pay the agreed upon amount, all federal tax liens are released.

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Taxpayers may fall behind in filing tax returns. They then make matters worse by continuing not to file. They begin to find it difficult to sleep, as they lay awake, afraid of what may happen when they get back "into the system". We can smooth this transition by representing you before the IRS. We will deal with all IRS communications and file your prior year(s) tax returns. You can stop worrying and start sleeping again!
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Facing An Audit?

INTIMIDATED? That is how most people feel when facing an IRS audit. It takes time away from work, family and sleep to deal with an audit. It is also dangerous. IRS auditors are trained to extract more information than you have to provide. If you don't comply with the audit process, the cost of changes, penalties and interest charged by the auditor, can exceed your annual income. We recommend that you do not speak to or meet with the auditor.  Allow a professional to handle all of the correspondence and meetings, putting the IRS on notice that you can't be bullied!

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