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Legacy Planning

Legacy Is Not About Money, It's About Change

We help people build the legacy they envision without stress, confusion, and overwhelm. A legacy plan is about more than the transfer of material wealth. While financial assets play a role, there's a deeper emotional and futuristic dimension to consider.

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Legacy Made Simple


Legacy Made Simple™️ is a book written by Dr. Gena Jones, Esq., LLM, CPA to make the legacy planning process more approachable. The goal is to bring the importance of legacy planning into focus and to break down the components in a way that makes it simple to think about, simple to execute, and empowers people to clarify their generational impact which will be manifested by their legacy plan. This book is a great segway to creating your legacy plan.

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Workshop For Women Entrepreneurs

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Legacy Made Simple™️ Workshop


Legacy Made Simple™️ is a system that includes a Book, Workbook, Card Deck, and Program. The Legacy Made Simple Workshop is designed to :

  1. Teach you what legacy planning is and why it is critical.
  2. Simplify the process of legacy planning into meaningful actionable but simple steps
  3. Guide you through the process of crafting, documenting, executing, and sharing your legacy vision.
  4. Provides access to the concepts of legacy planning that have been used to build generational wealth for hundreds of years.
  5. Teach you how to use your legacy plan as a catalyst for family transformation and impact.

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Legacy Made Simple™️ Legacy Planning Process

If you are ready to create and document the legacy plan that you envision, it's time for you to start your Legacy Planning Process by scheduling your legacy planning meeting. This meeting is designed to discuss your legacy vision and to determine the appropriate legacy tools to achieve your legacy goals. At your initial legacy planning meeting, you will determine which legacy planning package best fits your needs and budget. Our legacy plan investment ranges from $2,500 to $9,950. Your initial investment of $497 will be applied to the legacy planning package you select.

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e Time Management Workshop For Busy Women Entrepreneurs
e Time Management Workshop For Busy Women Entrepreneurs

Legacy Planning Guide: It’s Not Just About Money, It’s About Change

This guide is a look into the components of legacy planning, with a specific focus on the broader and more human aspects of legacy building.